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6.4 What is Enhanced Work Incentives Counseling? How do I get it?

Enhanced Work Incentives Counseling (EWIC) is counseling that covers some additional areas, including help with achieving long-term employment goals. One of the groups in BOND that can use the benefit offset also can make use of EWIC services.

Access to EWIC is determined by your random group assignment and it cannot be changed. If you were assigned to the offset group that is eligible for EWIC, you received a letter with information on contacting the EWIC agency. In addition, the EWIC agency staff contacted you shortly after assignment, to get you started with their services.

If you are in the group offered EWIC but have not been using EWIC services, you can still take advantage of them now or later. You can call the BOND call center to get contact information for your EWIC: