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**This scenario was not updated with the 2018 BOND yearly amount ($14,160 for non-blind beneficiaries and $23,640 for blind beneficiaries) or the 2018 Trial Work Period (TWP) amount ($850). The BOND yearly amount and TWP amount used in this scenario are from a previous year.

Part 1 of 3

Carlos, grocery store bagger

Carlos is working at the minimum wage, but he knows that being in BOND lets him earn more and keep more. So he decides to increase his working hours to full-time. His earnings will then increase to $1,257 per month.

Suppose he also has Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWEs) of $100 per month because of regular medical treatments he needs to receive in order to go to work. If he reports these recurring expenses to SSA and they are verified (as required), Carlos can deduct $100 each month from his earnings. His countable earnings after IRWE deductions will be $1,157 per month.



Part-time to full-time with impairment-related work expenses



to see how Carlos's benefits would be affected by earning more if he was not in BOND.