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7.1 What do I have to do to get a job through this program (BOND)?

BOND does not provide jobs directly, it simply helps beneficiaries with referrals to agencies and organizations that provide employment services and helps to retain more of their SSDI benefit when their earnings increase, through the benefit offset. In seeking to take advantage of the benefit offset, some BOND participants may continue their present employment, perhaps increasing the amount they work. Others will be returning to work or looking for a different job. Whatever your employment objective, your WIC or EWIC counselor can help you. He or she will work with the Vocational Rehabilitation program and Ticket to Work program to provide the support you need.

To serve you best, the WIC or EWIC counselor will need you to share as much information about your vocational past, skills, abilities and interests as possible, as well as any limitations that interfere with your ability to work. You also need to think about what you want to get from work, what your needs and goals are, so that you can decide whether going to work is right for you. Once you make this decision, you can commit to developing a plan and taking action steps to reach your job goals.