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2.6 How were beneficiaries selected for BOND?

One randomly selected group of beneficiaries in the 10 BOND sites was automatically selected to participate in the BOND project. If you are in that group, you received a letter with a red stripe at the top telling you that the offset is available for you to use (and how to do that).

Another randomly selected group of beneficiaries was invited to enroll in BOND, and—if they did—were then assigned randomly to one of three groups, two of which are participating in BOND. If you were in this set of beneficiaries, in 2011 or 2012 you already received one or more letters with a blue stripe at the top inviting you to enroll. Enrollment has now been completed. Because space in the demonstration was limited, not all beneficiaries were invited to enroll and not everyone who enrolled has the chance to use the new BOND benefits. But every eligible beneficiary had the same chance of selection.