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**This scenario was not updated with the 2018 BOND yearly amount ($14,160 for non-blind beneficiaries and $23,640 for blind beneficiaries) or the 2018 Trial Work Period (TWP) amount ($850). The BOND yearly amount and TWP amount used in this scenario are from a previous year.

Part 1 of 3

Julie, part-time telemarketer

Julie is working part-time as a telemarketer and earning $14/hour. Her earnings per month are $900, and she is receiving her SSDI benefit of $1,600 each month, for a total income of $2,500 per month.

Current Monthly Income
Earnings $900
SSDI Benefit $1,600
Total monthly income $2,500

Because she is earning above $720 per month, Julie is currently using her Trial Work Period (TWP). If she works at this level consistently, she will use up the 9 months allotted for her TWP. Julie's disabilities include having a visual impairment that meets SSA's definition of blindness, so she will continue to receive full SSDI benefits as long as she earns less than the blind Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) level of $1,690 per month in 2012.

Julie has been working at the job for a year and is doing well. She is given a raise and offered the opportunity to begin working full-time. She accepts the offer and begins working 40 hours per week. At her new rate, her earnings will be $2,600 per month. By now, she has completed her TWP. She also signed up for BOND, and (through random assignment) she gained the opportunity to use the benefit offset.



Part-time to full-time, has a visual impairment



to see how Julie's benefits would be affected by earning more if she was not in BOND.