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**This scenario was not updated with the 2018 BOND yearly amount ($14,160 for non-blind beneficiaries and $23,640 for blind beneficiaries) or the 2018 Trial Work Period (TWP) amount ($850). The BOND yearly amount and TWP amount used in this scenario are from a previous year.

Part 1 of 4

Maria, information technology worker

Maria worked steadily in the second half of 2011 as her health stabilized, and she found an information technology job that was not as tiring or stressful as her positions in the past. She earned $32,000 in 2012.

Current Monthly Income
Earnings 2,666.67
SSDI Benefit $1,600.00
Total monthly income $4,266.67



Started BOND program in a month later than January 2012, and has impairment-related work expenses**



to see how Maria's benefits would be affected by earning more if she was not in BOND.