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**This scenario was not updated with the 2018 BOND yearly amount ($14,160 for non-blind beneficiaries and $23,640 for blind beneficiaries) or the 2018 Trial Work Period (TWP) amount ($850). The BOND yearly amount and TWP amount used in this scenario are from a previous year.

Part 1 of 3

Martha, part-time employee at a high school tutoring agency

Martha used to be a high school teacher. As she is no longer able to teach full-time, she is now working part-time as an employee for a high school tutoring agency and earns $20 per hour.

She begins by tutoring only a few students, about 8 hours per week. At this rate, she earns about $700 per month and therefore does not begin using her Trial Work Period (TWP). However, she discovers she enjoys tutoring, and the students and their parents are impressed with the improvement they see due to her help, so she gradually takes on more students.

After a few months, Martha is making $1,200 per month. She enters her TWP, and continues receiving her full SSDI benefits of $1,500 per month under either current law or the offset. Her total income is thus $2,700 per month.

Current Monthly Income
Earnings $1,200
SSDI Benefit $1,500
Total monthly income $2,700

If Martha continues to earn above $720 per month for a total of 9 months, she will use up her TWP. At that time, if she continues earning countable wages above $1,010, the SGA amount for 2012, she would lose her cash benefit if she was not in BOND. However, because she is in BOND, she will be able to keep it.



Part-time to increased hours at higher hourly wage



to see how Martha's benefits would be affected by earning more if she is not in BOND.