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3.5 Is there a time limit for using the BOND offset? What happens after the demonstration is over?

You will qualify to receive the BOND benefit offset for up to 60 months. The 60-month offset period begins either the month after you complete the ninth Trial Work month or the month after you were selected to be in the project, whichever date is later. As long as you complete the nine Trial Work months by September 30, 2017, you will qualify for 60 months of the offset. Once you have exhausted the 60-month participation period, your work activity will be evaluated under current SGA rules.

If you are between jobs. During your offset participation period, you will need to tell us about changes in your earnings, including the termination of one job and the beginning of another. Then we will adjust your estimated earnings appropriately so that you will receive the correct Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit.