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5.4 What if I am in BOND but unsure about whether to take advantage of the benefit offset?

If you are a BOND participant in one of the groups that can use the benefit offset, you are able to discuss the details of your specific situation and the choices you can make with a well-trained counselor. Your counselor can outline for you the pros and cons of working (or working more than you now do). He or she can explain how the offset would affect your SSDI benefits in your specific situation. Your counselor can also help determine if working would put you at risk of losing part or all of other benefits you receive, such as food stamps or a public housing subsidy. The counselor can also explain other financial implications of working more than you do now—including how additional earnings may qualify you for refundable tax credits (even if you currently pay no income tax). In short, this counselor will provide a personalized assessment of how increasing the amount you work and using the benefit offset will affect your overall financial status.