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6.2 What will happen when I contact my WIC counselor?

Most beneficiaries who are assigned to an offset group will be offered WIC services. You received WIC contact information (including the WIC counselor's agency name, office address, telephone number and e-mail address) in your notification letter or at your enrollment session. If you have questions about the provider or how to contact the WIC program, call the BOND toll-free number at:

When you contact the WIC provider, a staff member at that agency will set up a time to talk with you about your circumstances and your employment goals. He or she will first review your employment goals and potential, gathering the necessary information from you and from the Social Security Administration. Then the counselor will complete a benefit summary and analysis, which is a written report that spells out the various (for SSDI, SSI, and other public benefits) if you return to work or work more and use the benefit offset. The counselor may provide a range of other WIC services, including referral to organizations that provide employment supports and accommodations, referrals to vocational training, and assistance in using SSA work incentives.