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2.5 How does participating in BOND help me?

If you are in BOND, you can see your paycheck grow without worrying about losing all of your SSDI benefits. With BOND, your SSDI benefit is reduced only $1 for each additional $2 you earn above a specific limit, which is based on $14,160 of annual earnings in 2018 (or $23,640 if your disability is blindness) plus qualified expenses. The limit will be adjusted in future years. If you have Medicare, BOND will not change your current coverage.

Your monthly dollar income will not be lower in BOND than your current SSDI benefit. In fact, by combining earnings and benefits you could make much more. In addition to being able to keep a portion of your SSDI benefit when you might otherwise lose it entirely, you may also:

Through BOND, you can earn more and gain more control of your future.